Experience the virgin life



Experience the virgin life


Experience the Virgin Life. It’s not just our tagline; it’s also a mission statement for those who relish all that is truly good in life. The Skarlet Beverage Company believes that relationships, creativity, elegance, generosity, health, faith, and true wisdom often converge around good food and fine virgin drinks.


Drink Well. Live Forever.

Drink Well. Live Forever.

What is Drinking Well?

  • Enjoying A Full-Flavor Gourmet Drink
  • Discovering Something New to Drink
  • A Handcrafted Beverage Made with Gourmet Methods and the Finest Ingredients
  • A Virgin Beverage with an Elegant, Upscale Presentation 
  • A Drink with Unlimited Food Pairing Options
  • Exploring a World of New Virgin Beverage Possibilities


What is Living Forever?

  • Having Clarity of Mind to Learn New Ideas
  • Enjoying the Interesting People in Your Life
  • Discovering New, Good Foods to Eat
  • Remembering Memorable Occasions
  • Building Your Health
  • Strengthening Your Family
  • Loving All in the Human Family
  • Living Life With No Regrets
  • Giving Thanks
  • Inspiring Your World



Lifestyle— it’s the way that you live.  It’s not only your current situation but it can also be your code of conduct, habits, and customs.  Your lifestyle choices define you.  Likewise, Skarlet beverages are non-alcoholic, thus, they possess special characteristics that help define what good, positive lifestyle is all about. 

A good lifestyle means many different things depending on who you ask.  To us, we believe that a truly good lifestyle is one lived with a sense of gratitude, discovering and sharing the real gifts of life in each situation, person and moment.


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Good taste entails so much more than a pleasant flavor that passes over the tongue.
— Unknown

Tastes Defined

1) The act of tasting to sense the flavor of (something that you are eating or drinking), to put a small amount of (food or drink) in your mouth in order to find out what its flavor is.

2)  The special sense that perceives and distinguishes the sweet, sour, bitter, or salty quality of a dissolved substance and is mediated by taste buds on the tongue.

3) Individual preference:  inclination, critical judgment, discernment, or appreciation. Manner or aesthetic quality indicative of such discernment or appreciation


Specializing in elegantly bottled, premium beverages, each with a rich, deep and sophisticated flavor profile; Skarlet beverages define good every respect. 


Infusion Pairing

Infusion Pairing

How food And Infusion pairings work


Skarlet Private Reserve No. 1 infusion's unique flavors come from key components: sugar, acid and fruit. Likewise, all foods have flavor components (fat, acid, salt, sugar and bitter). Our chefs have discovered that the best food and drink pairings showcase complementary components, richness and textures.

We encourage you to experiment with Skarlet Private Reserve No.1; you can go for a similar pairing or be bold and try a pairing that offers contrast. For a potato entree served in a rich cream sauce, for example, slice through the creamy fat with a cocktail of half sparkling water and half Skarlet Private Reserve . You can also envelop the bold flavor of Skarlet around the richness of the sauce serving the beverage unmixed.

Key components of Food Pairing



Foods have varying degrees of sweetness. Entrees with a light, fruity sweetness are well-paired with a cocktail of 3/4 sparkling water, 1/4 Skarlet No. 1 and a hint of lime.  When serving Skarlet Private Reserve No. 1 with the dessert course, be sure that the sweetness of the dessert does not overpower the beverage.  A heavily sweetened dessert is best paired with either sparkling or dry cocktails so as not to highlight the tartness of the roselle. Try the combination of Skarlet Private Reserve No. 1 and chocolate, experimenting with combinations with dark chocolate.


Although excessively salty foods may mask the fruity notes of Skarlet No. 1, don't be intimidated by this pairing. Skarlet No. 1 is an ideal compliment to salted, fried foods. We have discovered that carbonation and yeasty acids cleanse salt from the palate and provide intriguing yet subtle tastes and textures.


Although consuming certain fats is not ideal from a health perspective, the fact remains that many popular entrees do indeed contain high levels of fat.  Skarlet Virgin Series' fruity notes and berry undertones prime the tastebuds for such rich foods.


Light entrees work brilliantly with a sparkling Skarlet No. 1 cocktail; denser, heavier foods pair exceptionally well with Skarlet No. 1 unmixed. As previously noted, explore contrasts: pair lighter cuisine with unmixed Skarlet and vice versa. In your exploration, try not to let heavier flavors outshine lighter-toned flavors.


Acidity contributes moderate sharpness and brightness to Skarlet No. 1 and foods alike (think of squeezing lime juice on a taco or lemon juice on a salad). The key to achieving flavor balance is to mange acids in salad dressing by reducing the acidity (lemon juice or vinegar).  As a rule of thumb, endeavor to match the acidity of food with the acidity of the drink so that the signature, robust flavor of Skarlet is not compromised.

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How to Taste Skarlet

How to Taste Skarlet

To properly and thoroughly conduct a tasting you must engage all of the senses to evaluate the beverage. 

1. Freshness Assessment 

As the bottle is opened, pour the beverage in a suitable glass. Proceed to take a generous sip.

2. Visual Assessment

Elevate the glass to the level of your eye then lower it so as to observe the drink from above. Horizontal and vertical evaluations of the liquid will help determine opacity.

3. Scent Assessment 

Raise the glass up to your nose and inhale deeply several times with eyes closed to obtain optimal olfactory responses. 

4. Gustative Assessment 

Sip and let the drink saturate your tongue.  Proceed to spread the drink throughout your mouth allowing it to travel to the rearmost portions of your tongue, finally swallow to evaluate sapidity, acidity, mouth feel, lightness, and structure.




Serving Skarlet

AT Cocktail Events or Parties

Plan on 1/2 bottle of a Skarlet beverage of your choice for each person per two-hour period. If guests will be serving themselves, plan for 10% more.  

AT Dinner Events or Parties

Each 750ml bottle of a Skarlet beverage provides 5 servings at 5 oz. each or 6 servings at 4 oz. each. If you are pairing one of our beverages with a meal, plan 1-1.5 serving(s) per course/person. To calculate the number of bottles you require: Multiply the number of people you are serving by the number of glasses (on average) each will drink. Then divide by 5 for a 5-oz. pour (6 if you prefer a 4-oz. pour)

A Note On Temperature: The temperature that the beverage is served at can greatly affect the way it tastes and smells. Lower temperatures will emphasize acidity and tannins while muting the aromatics. Higher temperatures will minimize acidity and tannins while increasing the aromatics. Skarlet beverages are best served for tasting at 50-55 degrees F

Storing Skarlet

Skarlet's distinct flavor signatures come as a result of a commitment to the finest ingredients and adherence to the best preparation methods.  Skarlet vintages can be enjoyed well into the future if carefully stored.  Store in a cool, odorless, dark place that is not too moist. 55 degrees F is ideal. 

Glassware & Care

The shape of  the glass has a subtle impact on the perception of the bouquet (the total aromatic experience) of our beverages. The ideal shape of the glassware is wider toward the bottom, with a narrower aperture at the top (tulip or egg shaped). Glasses which are widest at the top are the least ideal.

Rinse glasses carefully using hot water. The smallest amount of soap residue will affect the drink's taste. 

Chilling Skarlet Faster

Add water to an ice bucket. Water fills in the air spaces between ice cubes so that more of the bottle comes in contact with the cold.