Skarlet Beverage Company, LLC is a subsidiary of Lionshield International, LLC, a company that is committed to the promotion of healthy living. Since 2014 Skarlet Beverage Company has crafted premium beverages with a new generation of international flavor profiles which include rare eastern spices, exotic ingredients and botanicals like hibiscus.  It is our desire that you find Skarlet products nutritious, delicious, elegantly packaged and of superior quality.  

We are confident that consumers, chefs and connoisseurs worldwide will agree that Skarlet Beverage Company provides beverages that represent the epitome of a healthy, elegant, lifestyle and good taste.  We hope our brand will convey a special distinction to every dining table it graces.

Drink Well. Live Forever.

Our vision - To be the world’s leading supplier of premium beverages.
— Alecia Dennis, Co-Founder

The mission of Skarlet Beverage Company is to offer the finest premium virgin beverages. We will achieve this with the highest degree of integrity through consistency and continual innovation.
— Dean Dennis, Co-Founder