Gourmet Drinks


Gourmet Drinks

What is Gourmet?

The concept of gourmet is a culinary standard associated with the art of fine food and drink. Gourmet is represented by cultured and sometimes intricate preparations of aesthetically balanced foods. 

Gourmet also refers to a person with refined or discriminating taste who is knowledgeable in the craft and art of food and food preparation. A gourmet chef is one who possesses exceptionally high training, talent and skill.


When considering gourmet cooking, many think of rich, over-done, multi-course meals smothered in heavy, oily sauces.  The idea of gourmet has changed over the years to fully embrace healthy, wholesome plant-based foods. Gourmet chefs commonly select organic ingredients in the preparation of their meals.  

We here at Skarlet wholeheartedly endorse and promote the art of healthy food preparation. In addition, we salute gourmet chefs and restaurants everywhere that have made the commitment to serve vegetarian or vegan items for people who do not consume meat or animal by-products.


One of the primary characteristics consistent through all forms of gourmet cooking is the use of ingredients that are of the highest quality.

When searching for a gourmet drink, what exactly is the criteria? Is it only about expensive ingredients? Does the technique or process in the preparation of the beverage play a role in what you drink?

Throughout the entire creative process, every effort is made to source the finest ingredients available and to use the very best methods to produce our beverages.  This ensures the delivery of a world-class beverage no matter which of our product lines you choose.

Great pains have been taken to ensure that Skarlet beverages are well-balanced with a refreshing and gratifying feel. In every instance, we have sought to craft the perfect drink; one which can be used as either a compliment to healthy, well-prepared, fresh foods or slowly savored on its own.