New Company Debuts Upscale Virgin Drinks

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New Company Debuts Upscale Virgin Drinks

West Palm Beach, FL (October 2, 2017) – The Skarlet Beverage Company, an innovative creator of premium virgin drinks, is launching this fall targeting consumers in the growing premium non-alcoholic segment of the beverage industry. 

The company debuts with its flagship product, Skarlet Private Reserve No.1, a super-premium hibiscus infusion rivaling the finest wines and spirits in flavor, depth and refinement.  This revolutionary new hybrid drink is based on an old secret recipe for sorrel.  

Sorrel is brewed from the calyces of the roselle plant (Hibiscus sabdariffa) a species of hibiscus native to the tropics of the Eastern Hemisphere. Sorrel is known in many parts of the world but is largely unknown to Americans. 

Skarlet Private Reserve No.1 is created with simple, fresh ingredients employing a time-intensive, handcrafted brewing process.  The result is best described by company Co-founder Dean Dennis who says, “It is a luxury infusion, carefully layered with a proprietary blend of juices and exotic spices”.  Dean also states, “We're pleased with the result and are truly honored to introduce this amazing liquid creation to our friends and neighbors”. 

Skarlet Private Reserve No.1 is distinguished by full-bodied berry flavors, it has rich floral aromas of hibiscus, a touch of spicy Saigon cinnamon that melds with a supple ginger character. On the palate, one experiences well-integrated flavors of rare and exotic spices before a warm, lingering finish.   

Co-founder Alecia Dennis, Dean’s wife adds, “In addition to its great flavor, we are especially pleased with the exceptional quality of our Skarlet Private Reserve No.1.  People find it to be quite versatile and enjoy it in many different ways—including some that we had not initially thought of.”

Created in limited runs, Skarlet Private Reserve No.1 is proving to be a sought-after mixer for artisanal mocktails and virgin mixed drinks.  It is also an option for those seeking a healthy yet flavorful drink that mimics the distinctive mouthfeel associated with alcohol—without any of its negative effects. 

The Skarlet Beverage Company has been offering its handmade beverages in limited quantities from their online web store since 2015.  They are finalizing plans for distribution into premium grocers, wine and spirits stores as well as specialty distribution into top-tier restaurants, hotels and resorts.

The Skarlet Beverage Company's goal is to disrupt the premium beverage market segment by offering premium non-alcoholic options. The company founders want to give consumers seeking a premium beverage experience a non-alcoholic option superior to all others including traditional alcoholic options. Dean says, “There are many occasions which demand a more elegant virgin option than common soda or sparkling apple juice—after all not all sparking beverages are created equal.”

The company’s products are already receiving rave reviews, Alecia says, “We are thrilled by our clients enthusiasm for Skarlet Private Reserve No.1.  We knew there was a demand but we never imagined such an overwhelming response.  So many are looking for a better virgin drink to pair with a gourmet meal, use in a cocktail, give as a gift or have as something special after a hard day at the office.  Formerly, they found their options limited; Skarlet Private Reserve No.1 is now the beverage experience to meet their needs.” 

Skarlet Private Reserve No.1 is naturally flavored, free of GMOs, gluten, sodium, and artificial sweeteners. Additionally, it is certified OU Kosher. Skarlet No.1 is available in both 750 mL and 375 mL formats.  

Skarlet Private Reserve No.1 in gift packaging is also available for holiday delivery nationwide.  Order at before December 20th for on-time holiday delivery. Additionally, Skarlet Private Reserve No.1 will be on shelves at select premium grocers and on menus of fine restaurants throughout South Florida this fall.



The Skarlet Beverage Company is a specialty beverage firm that offers the world’s finest virgin drinks.  The company’s innovative portfolio of upscale virgin drinks are based on heirloom, vintage recipes. The Skarlet Beverage Company’s products are quickly defining the super-premium non-alcoholic segment of the beverage industry.   For more information, please visit



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